University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

The educational goal of this subject is to give students the adequate knowledge in using of CAD/CAM systems for technical preparation and production of clothes.

Students will acquire necessary skills for using Modaris, Diamino, JustPrint , VigiPrint and Kaledo Style software for computer aided garment design. Through theory lectures, students learn about 3D scanning of body for obtaining measurements and about grading, modeling and transforming of pattern parts using CAD/CAM systems. Details about CAD/CAM systems functions and possibilities are studied, from basic operations to the more advanced ones such as pattern plotting, creating a network between CAD and CAM systems, transferring data from CAD systems, and CAM systems remote control.

Students learn about the needed technical preparation data for clothes making using Diamino and Modaris software in order to remote-control automatic cloth cutting machines. 2D and 3D sewing machines and robots and automatic sewing processes are also discussed in lectures.

Practical exercises and project assignments enable students to learn how to apply CAD/CAM systems in technical preparations for garment making, with special attention to remote transferring of technical documentation data.

General information

Study program: Clothing technology


Semester: 9

Lectures: 1

Exercises: 1



Ph.D Vasilije Petrović, professor



Course books

1, D. Rogale, S. Polanović - Računalni sustavi konstrukcijske pripreme u odjevnoj industriji, Tekstilno-tehnološki fakulet Zagreb 1996

2, D. Ujević, D. Rogale, M. Hrastinski - Konstrukcija i modeliranje odjeće, 2 - Sveučilišni udžbenik Tekstilno – tehnološkog fakulteta u Zagrebu, Zrinski Čakovec 2004

3, M.Hrastinski -  Gradiranje i računalna konstrukcija odjeće,  Tekstilno-tehnološki fakulet Zagreb 2000