University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The subject aims at widening and concretization of knowledge from fundamental studies in the field of energy. Exploring trends and developments of thermal systems to increase efficiency.
Students will be trained in the implementation of budget balance of thermal power plants; sizing designing and finding energetically efficient technical solutions, and the selection of equipment in terms of its greater efficiency; team work and communication of technical terms oral presentation.

Theoretical study:

Introduction to the Theory of  heat. Thermodynamic system. The size of the state. The first and second law of thermodynamics. The ideal gas. Real gas. Equation of state. Changes of state for ideal gases. Cycles. Ideal, real and idealized real processes. Heat transfer. The efficiency of the conversion of heat into mechanical work . The efficiency of cooling process. Energy plants and their energy efficiency: boilers , turbines, heat exchangers , power plants, cogeneration systems, heat pumps, thermal-solar plant, the geothermal
energy plants for the production of bio - gas.


Practical study:


Practical teaching units in thermodynamics, the size of the state. External influences. Equations state of the ideal gas. First and second law of. Change in status. Changes of state of ideal gases . Mixtures of ideal gases . Real gases and vapors. The water vapor. The moist air. Binary solutions. Converting thermal energy into mechanical work.
Cycles . Maximum work. Energy. Process for cooling. Current processes. Heat transfer. Combustion . Solar energy. Wind energy . Geothermal Energy. Energy biomass. Bio- gas. Heat pumps. Rational use of energy. Energy efficiency.


General information


Study program: Industrial Engineering


Semester: 1

Lectures: 2

Exercises: 1



Ph.D. Miroslav Lambic, full time professor



Course books


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