University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


1. Educational objectives:

The development of software packages (software for scientific, technical and investment requirements), system design access maintenance information system, implementation of computer integrated maintenance information system.


2. Education Outcomes (Knowledge):

The knowledge gained through the teaching of this course will contribute to ensuring that the student will be able to design an information system maintenance of technical systems. Students will be trained to solve practical engineering problems the field of computer integrated maintenance.


3. Content / structure of the course:

Theoretical study:

CIM systems and maintenance. The concept of computer integrated maintenance. Maintenance system in company. Designing maintenance information system. Maintenance procedures. Modules maintenance information system. software packages maintenance information system. Hardware equipment. Designing computer networks. Expert systems for maintenance.
Only maintenance. Robots in maintenance.

Practical classes: Solving practical problems of teaching units specified for the theoretical classes.


4. Teaching Methods:

Oral: - discussion, oral presentation, telling, explaining, teaching

Written: work with books and manuals, written works, problem-solving tasks
Illustration - demonstration of work with paintings, drawings, tables, charts, models, objects, pictures, movies


General information

Study program: Industrial  Engineering


Semester: 2 MII

Lectures: 3   

Exercises: 2


Prvulović Slavica, Ph.D.



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