University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


The course objective is to provide students necessary knowledge concerning physical and chemical principles of:

  • methods and techniques for environmental pollution and working environment analysis, as well as analysis of  remediation efficiency.
  • interpretation of accuracy and precision of standard methods
  • trending of representative pollution (periods, locations,      hot-spots, average, maximum and minimum concentration of pollution)
  • Legislation relevant for environmental monitoring (protocols,      declarations, international and national legislation, obligatory standards      for emission levels)



General information

Study program: Environmental Engineering


Semester: 3



Definition of  EMAS, global, local and urban pollution and its impact on ecosystems, human health; long-term monitoring of same location or product; pollution indicators, (physical, chemical, biological); ecological risks; standards for working and urban environment; Environment monitoring legislation; Emission, dispersion, and monitoring of ambient air water, soil and food;  Maximal allowed concentrations of pollution; Monitoring of ambient air in the vicinity of  pollution sources (CO2, NOx, CO, PM, soot, metals and specific pollution) in order to access air pollution control devices efficiency; Continual ambient air monitoring, Indoor air pollution; Water pollution monitoring and accessing water pollution control devices efficiency. Soil monitoring; efficiency of sludge treatment and recycling; Ionizing and non- ionizing radiation; Bio-monitoring; Bio-indicators for accessing human health Bio indicators in environmental monitoring;


Exercises: Standard methods, Instrumental methods for environmental analysis, Calibration;

Methods for  water pollution analysis; pH and conuctivity; Suspended particles; Organica compounds (COD and BOD); Spectroforometry; Ammonium and iron; 

Seminary papers:

Legislation concerning monitoring; industrial monitoring; pollution emission monitoring; Bio-monitoring; Ionizing and non- ionizing radiation Continual ambient air monitoring



Bogdana Vujic, assistant professor



Course books

  1. Nicholas P. Cheremisinoff, Ph.D., N&P Limited      Handbook of Air Pollution Prevention and Control Elsevier Science (USA)      2002
  2. Božo Dalmacija Upravljanje kvalitetom voda sa      aspekta Okvirne direktive EU o vodama, PMF Novi Sad, Departman za hemiju,      Mala knjiga 2003
  3. M. V. Miloradov, T. Stajić Monitoring      životne sredine - vežbe Skripta, interna skripta, FTN 2006