University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin


Theoretical teaching

Sources of urban pollution (natural and anthropogenic); Forms of pollution of the urban ecosystem (spatial planning, residential and industrial zones); Influence of roads on the concentrations of pollutants in urban areas (hospitals, daycares, schools, etc); Noise influence, legislation; Risk assessment from electromagnetic radiation on the population in the vicinity of high voltage transformers;  


Practical teaching

Introduction to the legislation for feasibility studies. Essays on feasibility studies, Risk assessment.


General information

Study program: Graduate studies – Industrial engineering


Semester: 2.

Lectures: 3

Exercises: 2



Milan Pavlovic, full professor



Course books

  1. Pavlovic M, Urbana ekologija, Skripta, Interno izdanje TFMP, Zrenjanin, 2006.
  2. Djukanovic M, Ekoloski izazov, Elit, Beograd, 1991.