University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

History of teaching at the faculty

High education was established in Zrenjanin in 1969 at Higher School of Pedagogy where Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad, organized their educational centres. The Faculty was founded by resolution of Assembly of Vojvodina on 22nd April 1974 under the name Pedagogical – Technical faculty as high-educational institution for educating teachers of poly-technical education. The Faculty changed the name in 1986 and since then it has worked under the name Technical faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”. It is the member of University of Novi Sad along with other 12 faculties. The reform of high and higher education in Republic of Serbia based on scientific and technological development of the Republic and transformation of European university education on the principles of Bologna Declaration, Lisbon Convention and Berlin Communique had to reflect on organization of education in Banat Region.  

During its long history the Faculty has experienced various developing transformations in accordance with social and local needs:

-               From 1974 – 1983 the Faculty educated teachers of Elements of Technology and Production in primary and secondary schools. In 1979, education of teachers of Computer Science was introduced and in 1983 the Faculty started educating Teachers of practical education related to traffic and mechanical engineering. Another two engineering profiles were introduced in 1987.

-               The previous period represented a basis for developing all relevant activities of the Faculty as scientific and educational institution: teaching, implementation of scientific results in practice, cooperation with economic and social organizations.  

-               Since 2000/2001 the Faculty has started educating Graduated engineers of Informatics. In 2002/2003 a new profile – Graduated engineer of production management was introduced. Then, in 2003/2004 we started educating Graduated engineers for design of textile and clothes. Finally, in 2004/2005, another new profile was introduced – Graduated engineer of Business Informatics with sub-directions for health, banking and finance, insurance marketing, applied graphics and Web design.

-               In 2009, the Faculty, within Bologna process, accredited four study programs at Basic academic and Master academic studies. Students are educated in the field of Information Technologies in three different modules, as well as in the fields of Industrial engineering, Clothing technologies and Engineering management.

-               During 2010 two study programs at Master academic studies were accredited: Information Technologies in E-government and business systems and Informatics and Technics in education.  In the same year, Basic academic studies were re-accredited from 3+2 to 4+1. In 2010 as well, the Faculty began cooperation with Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, on realization of the study program Engineer of environmental protection according to 4+1system.

-               In 2012, Doctoral studies - Engineering management - were accredited.

All study programs were designed in accordance to the standards prescribed by the Low, they have coordinated structure and there is a necessary degree of compliance among them. Students who completed their studies achieve qualification which proves that they have shown knowledge and comprehension from their study field. Students also achieve special knowledge which they apply in solving problems, they are able to integrate knowledge, to make conclusions on incomplete information and to think taking care about ethical and environmental issues. Graduated students are able to transfer their knowledge clearly to professional and wider publicity and they are enabled to continue academic education at Doctoral studies.