University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

MAS - Clothing Technology

Clothing Technology - Master Academic Studies

A person who achieves at least 300 ESPB during the teaching process is given the title Master in Technology (1 point = 30 work hours). Master work contains increased knowledge acquired during studying, which is applied on solving concrete problems. It must contain a review of research state in the relevant field base on primary sources (journals, monographs, proceeding from international conferences, Internet sites, etc.). Master work has a form which, with approved exceptions depending on the content and a subject, contains the following elements: introduction, theoretic and methodological part, review of research state from the relevant subject, presentation and discussion of research results, conclusions, suggestions for further research and literature.

Master in Technology is experienced in this field, competent for development and design of complex systems and their parts, he/she professionally realizes complex experiments and discusses the results, enabled for project management and the work on them, capable for work in multidisciplinary teams, independent in studying and self-improvement, possesses understanding and comprehension of engineering influences on the process of clothing production. He/she is enabled for organization and management of production process of clothes, rationalization and improvement clothes production as well as for product design and design of processes in all segments of clothing technology. Graduated engineer – Master is enabled for applying original ideas and direct involvement in scientific and research work. Master in Technology who chooses a subject group with optional subjects 2,3,6 and 7: Textile design 2, Fashion design – collection 3 and Fashion collection achieves competences for industrial design of clothes and relevant jobs. Master in Technology is competent for continuing the studies at PhD studies.