University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

MAS - Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering – Master Academic Studies

The master academic studies of Environmental Engineering are continuation of accredited undergraduate study program of Environmental Engineering. Master studies of environmental engineering will enable students to further concretize and expand their knowledge based on an understanding of the basic principles in various fields of environmental engineering and acquire additional expertise for the implementation of modern technical systems.

Requirements for admission to the program are completed undergraduate studies with a minimum of 240 ECTS and entrance exam.

On the master studies of environmental engineering which last one year (60 ECTS) there are five study groups: Waste and material flow analysis, Management of accidental environmental risks, ECO management, Bio-systems engineering and Water management.

Teaching is conducted through lectures and exercises. During the teaching process the emphasis is put on independent research and student work as well as increased personal involvement in the educational process. During exercises, students learn to solve specific tasks, and additional examples are shown that further illustrate subject matter.

Students have access to a modern laboratory, which includes standard measurement equipment for physical and chemical properties of air, water, and soil. Laboratory also includes state of the art equipment for air quality monitoring, flue gas analysis and thermal imaging.