University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

MAS - Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering - Master Academic Studies

The purpose of the study program Industrial Engineering – Master is: education of graduated engineer of Industrial engineering who possesses modern, high technological knowledge necessary in industry and business systems in which realization of research and developing projects means solving practical problems by using modern engineering methods. The aims of this study program are:

  • Supplement of the knowledge achieved at Graduate academic studies by adoption of progressive knowledge from the field of Industrial engineering which represents a base for development of critical independent thinking;  
  • Enabling students for solving problems by applying the achieved skills;
  • Preparing students for team work;
  • Enabling students for the work on multidisciplinary projects.

Competences which students achieve by finishing Graduate academic studies Industrial Engineering – Master are competences for application of knowledge in solving complex engineering problems in new and unknown surroundings; for continuing scientific and research work at PhD studies, but first of all, for employment in public and private sector in the field of Industrial Engineering.     

Upon finishing these studies a student is competent for development, design and improvement of complex systems and their parts, optimum use of these systems, for project management and work on projects, work in multidisciplinary teams and he/she achieved independence in education and professional improvement.