University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

UAS - Clothing Technology

Clothing Technology - Undergraduate Academic Studies

A student who achieves at least 180 ESPB during the teaching process is given the title - Engineer of technology. Final work (B.Sc. work) represents a research work in the field of theory and practice and a student, while doing it, gets to know research methodology within the field of clothing technology and engineering disciplines. After carrying out the research a student prepares a Final work which, with approved exceptions depending on the contents and the subject, contains the following chapters: introduction, theoretical and methodological part, presentation and discussion of research results, conclusion and literature. After finishing the work a public presentation is appointed before the three-member- commission that evaluates the work.     

Engineer of technology – bachelor is experienced in this field of science, competent for solving practical problems related to work in clothing industry. Engineer of technology possesses all necessary knowledge and skills for the work in industry within relevant studying field. He/she is enabled for solving practical problems in clothing industry, organization and management of the production process of clothes, rationalization and improvement of clothes production, product design and process design in all segments of clothing technology, making clothes along with possessing skills of their artistic creation as well as for creative work at development and fast transfer of modern technologies into concrete production processes. This involves education of engineers for the work related to controlling processes, raw materials, semi-products and finished products. Engineer of technology is enabled to obey regulations, standards and moral norms of the profession.