University of Novi Sad Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" Zrenjanin

UAS - Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering - Undergraduate Academic Studies

Upon finishing their studies engineers of Industrial Engineering are enabled to apply the achieved knowledge on defining and solving professional problems in the fields of Production engineering, Processing techniques, Energetic, Maintenance of technical systems, Ecological engineering, Production processes design, Production technologies, System management and Implementation of Information technologies. They are also enabled for teamwork, presentation and transfer of results to professional and wider publicity as well as for communication with experts from other fields. General aims of this study program are:

  • Enabling students for using most modern engineering principles, methods and techniques for solving concrete problems in modern market oriented companies;
  • Mastering Information and communication technologies necessary for modern business and management;
  • Preparation for further superstructure as theoretical and practical base for adoption of more complex contents from the field of Industrial engineering, in other words, for further studying at Master studies.

Upon finishing Basic academic studies of the first level students are enabled for the following jobs: designing technological and production and services systems, organization and management of a company, production management, investment management, development and improvement of existing production processes. The achieved knowledge and education make possible their permanent improvement.