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Conference email

Ph.D Milan Pavlović
president of Organizing committee

+381(0)62 801 9735
+381(0)23 550-515


Ph.D Bogdana Vujić
Conference secretary

+381(0)63 112-4498



  • Air quality
  • Management of solid urban waste
  • Water quality in urban areas (ground water, drinking water, waste water and facilities)
  • System of ecological management (ISO 14000)
  • Economics of sustainable development of urban areas
  • Noise and vibrations in urban areas
  • Electro and electro-magnetic pollution in urban areas
  • Climate changes and urban pollution
  • Transfer stations in the system of management of solid communal waste
  • Spatial planning and greening in urban areas
  • Development of urban ecology through educative and information activities
  • ICT in the ecology of urban areas
  • Accidents in urban areas
  • Environmental aspects of traffic in urban area
  • Urban marine infrastructure
  • Environmental aspect of mineral oil and gas extraction and exploatation
  • Environmental aspect of mineral oil and gas refining
  • Soil and degradation of soil
  • Impact of agricultural activities to urban area
  • Public health and the ecology of urban areas
  • Nanotechnology in environmental protection