Abstract and paper submission:

  • Paper registration and abstract submission is performed by filling out the form attached to the First Call.
  • Filled out form is to be sent on the following e-mail address: emc@tfzr.uns.ac.rs


  • Official conference language is English.
  • All the papers will be classified in Plenary and separate parallel sections.
  • The papers for Plennary session will be provided by Organizing committee upon invitation.
  • All papers are to be received in anticipated terms and reviewed.
  • All reviewed and accepted full papers will be published in Proceedings
  • Papers should be sent by e-mail on the following e-mail address: emc@tfzr.uns.ac.rs
  • Papers should be formatted according to the instruction which can be found on: www.tfzr.uns.ac.rs/emc

Types of paper presentations:

  • Oral presentation (by the Program of Symposium and in duration that is no longer than 10 minutes).
  • Poster presentation (up to 3 slides, which in .ppt or .pdf format should be sent to the Organizer).
Word Template

Guidelines for preparation of papers

PowerPoint Template

Oral & Poster presentation template