I Section

Engineering Management includes the following thematic fields: Management (in general), Maintenance Management, Research and Development Management (R&D Management), Quality Management, Entrepreneurship and SME, Strategic Management, Operation Management, Benchmarking, Reengineering, Quantitative Methods and Models in Management, Operation Studies, Logistics, Simulation, Statistic Models, Economic Models and Econometrics, Risk Management, HRM, Knowledge Management, Ecological management, Environmental protection and improvement, Marine engineering and management, Organizational culture, Organizational behavior, Leadership.

II Section

Management and Information Systems includes the following thematic fields: Customer Relationship Management, Data Base Management, Information Systems in Management, Information Systems and Decision Support, Expert Systems, E-business.

III Section

Marketing Management includes the following thematic fields: Marketing Strategies, Competitiveness, Competitive factors and domestic economy, Brand Management, Marketing Management in SME sector, Public Relations, Business Communication, Marketing Communication, New Models of Marketing Management, Service Management.