IIZS 2022

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Assist. prof. Visnja Mihajlovic
president of Organizing committee

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+381(0)23 550-548

In city of Zrenjanin

International conference

"Industrial Engineering and Environmental Protection"

IIZS 2022

Framework Topics of the Scientific Conference

Industrial Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering: Technology of machine processing, Materials and technology, Mechanization and constructions, Transportation and storage, Assembly Technologies, Computer Engineering CAD/CAM, Engineering education, University and industry cooperation.

  • Energetics and process Technique: Thermal power plants, Energy efficiency, Rationalization of energy consumption, Review of implemented projects in the economy, Alternative energy sources, Process plants, Process engineering - development, state and perspectives, Processes, operations and equipment, Process management, Solutions of problems from technical practice, Biotechnology.

  • Designing and maintenance: Designing and construction of plants, Designing, exploitations and maintenance of machines and plants, Project Management, Maintenance of technical systems in industry, Computer integrated maintenance, Technical diagnostics, Organization of maintenance.

  • Oil and gas engineering: Maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment, Construction of oil and gas pipelines, Oil and gas pipeline system and compressor stations, Storage facilities and oil and gas petroleum products, Project of installation and equipment for gas techniques for the production, storage, transport and use of natural and other flammable gases.

Environmental Engineering

  • Health and environmental protection: Monitoring of air, water and soil, Emission sources, The impact of process industry on the quality of the environment, Flue gas treatment, Protection of water resources, Wastewater and sludge treatment, Drinking water – current problems and possible solutions, Protection of soil, Remediation of polluted soil and ground water, Noise, vibration and radiation, Waste management, Energy efficiency and alternative energy sources, Climate changes, Impact of pollution on the human health.

  • Environmental management: Accident management, Environmental policy and management, Development of environmental protection through education and information acitivities, Green economy and sustanable development, Natural resource management, Spatial planning and urban development, Innovation in environmental protection.

  • Occupational safety: Accidents in a workplace, Personal protection equipment, Handling of hazardous chemicals, Alarm systems, Indicators of quality of the working environment.