Important Dates

Deadline of paper submission:
September 15, 2020

Deadline of notification:
Oktober 20, 2020

Fee payment:
Oktober 28, 2020

Date of Conference:
Oktober 30, 2020


October 30th

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Those were the ITRO days...

Technical Faculty “Mihajlo Pupin”,University of Novi Sad, Serbia is organizing XI International IT and education development conference 2020 (ITRO 2020). The conference will take place on October 30th 2020. in Zrenjanin, Serbia, at the faculty.

"Conference of Information Technology and Development of Education - ITRO 2020" is organized from the need to connect science, profession and education through unique thematic and content concept, primarily by observing the teaching process as the basis of the information society. The tendencies of the developed world are moving in line with the efforts of UNESCO to promote this area, in relation to the needs of life and work in the 21st century. It is necessary to assess the situation, detect problems and prospects of development of education by competent professionals and teachers, as well as the impact of the development of education in the development of society as a whole.

The main goal of the conference is scientific discussion and interchange of information and experiences about the impact of different kinds of crises (political, economic, environmental, health) on children’s access to quality education.

The main topics of the conference are:


Thematic fields of the conference are:

  • Theoretic and methodology questions of contemporary pedagogy
  • Digital didactics of media
  • Modern communication in teaching
  • Curriculum of contemporary teaching
  • E-learning
  • Education management
  • Methodic questions of natural and technical sciences subject teaching
  • Information and communication technologies
  • Dual education.
  • Interactive Ebooks

If the conditions with the coronavirus do not allow travelling, only poster sessions will be held (without personal participation). Authors, whose papers are reviewed and accepted, and are not able to participate on the symposium, have to prepare a presentation on their papers (in accordance with the template located on the conference website). All presentations will be available on the conference website. For all participants the participation fee is reduced by 50%, and is now 5.000 RSD per paper. All papers received and accepted by the reviewers will be published in the conference Proceedings.

Introducing new technologies into education is a part of overall informational transformation of society. Computerization of education has two main impacts: a social one and a technical one. As an integrative part of a schools information system, teacher logbook enables improvement of student achievement record and analysis, as well as parents – school communication. Ebooks, as a multimedia teaching material, are closely related to the need of young generations to visualize learning contents. Hence some adjustments in teacher’s methodology are imposed.

Our intention is to bring together institutions that launch and implement projects on education digitalization, researchers who monitor and analyze the education reform, school principals, pedagogues and teachers who are operative users. The main goal of the conference is scientific discussion and interchange of information and experiences that could point out certain aspects of application of these novelties and contribute the long term sustainability of education digitalization, which is in accordance whit the strategy of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Participation fee

Participation fee for the conference with paper is 10,000.00 RSD 5,000.00 RSD or 100 EUR 50 EUR for foreign participants.

You can download the form for sending invoices (Participation fee form) here.