ITRO 2024

The jubilee XV ITRO 2024 conference will be held on November 29th, 2024, at the Technical Faculty "Mihajlo Pupin."

The conference focuses on information technologies and their role in the evolution of education, seeking to forge a synergy between science, professional practice, and educational innovation. By emphasizing the teaching process as foundational to a thriving society, our goal is to unite institutions pioneering education digitalization projects, researchers evaluating educational trends, school leaders, pedagogues, and teachers. We are committed to fostering connections, disseminating groundbreaking findings, and promoting exchange of ideas, challenges, and solutions. The conference is expected to facilitate scientific discourse and the sharing of insights and experiences regarding teaching methodologies and technologies, including the challenges encountered and strategies for overcoming them. It aims to highlight key factors and contribute to the long-term viability of increasing teachers’ digital competencies, aligning with the strategic vision of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

The primary focus of the conference is:


The conference will cover range of thematic fields including:

  • Digitalization of education
  • Education in crisis situations
  • Educational challenges
  • Theoretical and methodological issues in contemporary pedagogy
  • Digital didactics and media
  • Modern communication strategies in teaching
  • Curriculum development for contemporary education
  • E-learning advancements
  • Education management practices
  • Methodological approaches in teaching natural and technical science subjects
  • The integration of information and communication technologies in education
  • The concept and implementation of dual education
  • Development and use of interactive Ebooks

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